Thrive Carpinteria Partner Network

The Thrive Carpinteria Partner Network of education, health, and social service partners envisions a well-coordinated system of care that empowers families to make positive changes for themselves and their communities. Thrive Carpinteria Partner Network represents much more than a “one-stop” center – it is a collaborative of organizations with an organizing hub, the Family Resource Center (FRC), that is increasingly reaching beyond our brick and mortar facility and partnering together in new ways. We share agreed-upon practices, long- and short-term goals, ongoing communication via an online platform and regular meetings of leaders and staff, and long-term commitment to support children, families, and the community. There is no built-in financial incentive to contribute to the cause, a cause which is larger than any of our individual organizations can address alone.

Network Partners:

Carpinteria Children’s Project programs fills in gaps in available services: