Family Resource Center

Nurturing-Parent-Fall-2015-5-webThe Family Resource Center of the Carpinteria Children’s Project is the hub of the Thrive Carpinteria Partner Network and, in addition to providing direct services, manages families’ requests for service and ensures a consistent pathway of care for families.

The Carpinteria Children’s Project Family Resource Center (FRC) is a welcoming place for you and your family to get information on raising and educating your child so that they thrive, “cradle-to- career”! We offer parent education classes, child development activities, parent support groups, life coaching, health information and many other programs, activities and services.  Our Family Liaisons can assist you with MediCal and CalFresh enrollment.

The FRC partners with other agencies and community groups in order to provide a broad range of programs, activities and services to meet the total needs of families. In collaboration with our Partners, the FRC staff can refer you, based on your identified desires and needs, to on-site agencies that address mental and physical health and wellness, counseling, financial assistance, substance abuse, adult education, job training, and child care and early childhood education.  Click here to register for a class.

Please visit us in the FRC or fill out the Request for Service or Referral form if you would like us to contact you.

Our free parent education classes cover topics such as:

  • Skills needed to be successfully involved with your child’s education from preschool through university
  • Healthy meal planning and preparation
  • Nutrition, safety, and infant development for the first year of your baby’s life
  • Tools to build healthy, caring, families
  • Family literature to help your child be a better reader
  • English as a second language

Free child care is available when attending most classes.

Developmental Screenings

Nearly all early childhood education programs in Carpinteria annually encourage their parents to complete two developmental screenings, the Ages and Stages Questionnaire-3 (ASQ-3) and the Ages and Stages Questionnaire-Social & Emotional (ASQ-SE).

A version of the ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE is available free thanks to Easter Seals. As they say on their website:

The first five years are critical in a child’s life. And this is the most important time to get your child support for a developmental delay or special need.

Children develop skills, or “milestones,” at their own pace. How is your child doing? You only need 10-20 minutes to check with the Ages & Stages Questionnaires®, Third Edition. Your ASQ-3™ results will help you see if your child’s developmental progress is on time and alert you to concerns that you can talk over with your healthcare provider.

The Family Resource Center can help you complete the forms, interpret the results and address any concerns you might have.

Nurturing Parent Class Quotes – Translated from Spanish

“I’m very happy to have taken Nurturing Parent. I recommend them 100% because it is a very helpful class. In all honesty, it helped me improve the relationship I have with my 3 year old. It taught me to be more patient, have better communication with her, and resolve some of the issues we were having. I truly recommend parents take parenting classes, I enjoyed it so much that the time spent there just flew by. I appreciate all of the staff that teach these classes because they help better our families through education.” – Patricia

“Nurturing Parent teaches us parents to raise our children in a loving way because sometimes as parents we make mistakes and raising our children. I learned so much about how to better take care of my family, how to be more caring toward my children, and how to help with their education.” –Anonymous mom

“I took nurturing parent and it was a beautiful experience for me. It was the first parenting class I have ever taken and I really liked learning about the importance of values, education, and the home environment. I learned that education happens at home. This class was a great guide in helping us become better parents from the time they are little to when they become teenagers. I recommend moms and dads take this class because we truly learn a lot.”- Erica


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