Mission and Vision

The Carpinteria Children’s Project envisions a community where children and families are engaged, equipped, and empowered in positively shaping the future. Our mission is to build a culture of success, through community partnerships, where all children are successful cradle to career.

Our approach

Children are only as strong as the families in which they live, and families are only as strong as the communities in which they reside. To truly affect the child, we must address the surrounding factors that influence a child’s ability to thrive. No matter what program or activity parents or children participate in, the larger situation in which they live dramatically influences the extent to which they can make positive changes in their lives and community. In pursuit of our comprehensive goals, we focus on our youngest children and their families while addressing academic achievement, health, and social & emotional wellness at the family and community level.

Our work

Our community

Carpinteria, California is a small beach town of approximately 13,000 residents (Census 2010), It is quite socio-economically diverse and relatively isolated from the nearest population center, Santa Barbara. Approximately 70% of the kindergarteners in the public elementary schools are low-income and roughly 60% are English learners. Many of our working poor families are employed as domestic workers or regular or seasonal workers in “the flowers;” Carpinteria is the biggest flower-producing region in the state of California. Despite the current drought, Carpinteria continues to produce avocados as well. The largest employers in town are Nusil Silicone Technology, Dako Corporation, and the Carpinteria Unified School District.

A brief history

In 2008, Carpinteria found itself with an asset: a public elementary school had closed because enrollment in the district had declined. Carpinteria Unified School District was also serving a higher percentage of low-income students than it had in the past. Community leaders and neighbors, with substantial support from a number of funders, decided to open a public-private collaborative focused on early education and social services. Before the Carpinteria Children’s Project opened, families had to go to Santa Barbara, California – which can take an hour by bus – to access services.

In January 2009, the Carpinteria Children’s Project (CCP) opened its doors. Onsite partners agreed to rental arrangements, moved in, and all remain onsite today. As of Fall 2014, the partnership began spreading beyond the walls of our campus and adopted the name, Thrive Carpinteria Partner Network. The Family Resource Center of the Carpinteria Children’s Project is the hub of the network and, in addition to providing direct services, manages families’ requests for service and centers a consistent pathway of care for families.